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I grew up on a wine farm just outside of my birth town, Stellenbosch, in sunny South Africa. When I was five years old I asked my mom if I may take ballet lessons. She said yes. That’s how it all started. At age 13 I went to boarding school at Pro Arte in Pretoria. At age 19 I had my first position as a professional ballet dancer at the South African Ballet Theatre in Johannesburg.


It was always my dream to be able to dance in Europe. In 2007 that dream came true: I was engaged by Prof. Birgit Keil at the Badisches Staatsballett Karlsruhe, Germany. A year later I was promoted to soloist, and then to principal dancer in the season of 2012/13. I became more and more interested in photography during my career as a dancer, and started photographing my colleagues backstage and during performances.


I love taking photos in the theatre. It’s a fascinating world on its own, and there are so many interesting angles and lighting conditions for a photographer to play around with. But what inspires me most is the passion of the performers, both on- and offstage.


In 2019 I retired from the stage. I danced for 32 years, 19 of them professionally.


I am now a full-time freelance photographer and am simultaneously studying a degree in Graphic Design (Hons) with the Open College of the Arts (Barnsley, UK).