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On 20 August 2020, late at night, the listed White Villa in the Graubünden mountain village of Mulegns was moved a few metres down the valley. This will preserve the wonderful building for posterity, enable the correction of the Julierstrasse and significantly improve safety and quality of life in the village of 17 souls. The shift was interpreted culturally: Rhaeto-Romanic songs of homesickness could be heard from the balconies of the travelling emigrant house and told of the fate of the countless Grisons emigrants for whom there was neither bread nor work at home at that time. 


The relocation of the White Villa was preceded by intensive preparatory work. The ground-breaking ceremony took place in September 2019. The basement walls were then separated from the main building by ITEN AG, gradually removed and placed on steel stilts. A reinforced concrete beam was poured. Then the shifting tracks were installed and the house was placed on the rolling steel girders that brought it to its new location. After the shifting, the house is rearranged a third time. Then the cellar walls will be completed, the surrounding area will be filled in and the Julierstrasse will be rebuilt on the section. 


Many thanks to all who have made this milestone possible!


The next step of the «SAVE MULEGNS» project is the renovation of the facades and roof of the Post Hotel Löwe.


Giovanni Netzer, Director




© Fotocredit Benjamin Hofer