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We dedicate the coming summer to the great sagas of the Middle Ages and interpret them in a contemporary context. Emperor Charlemagne inspires the Commedia, Tristan mourns in dance, King Arthur reigns in the castle, Francis praises the sun and its creator. Artists from all fields bring life to the mountain village and tell of unbroken, newly awakened creative power.


Here you can find the programme; here you get directly to the online ticket reservation system.


Filmmaker Maxim Derevianko will accompany the choreographers and dancers during the summer festival. Watch the latest videos here.


We are looking forward to a great summer of culture.


Giovanni Netzer, Director Origen



4 July 2020

At 17.00 the Origen Ensemble sings Canticles by Britten. At 21.00, dancers from the Zurich Ballet will dance in Craig Davidson's EXISTENTIA.


5 July 2020

The concert MALANCUNEIA will take place at 17.00 in the newly designed «Sängersaal». At 21.00 the Zurich dancers will give the dernier of the piece EXISTENTIA by Craig Davidson in the castle.