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While the entire cultural scene is silent and desperately hoping for better days, new, joyful life is stirring in Mulegns, of all places, one of the smallest villages in Switzerland. Behind the magnificent scaffolding, work is diligently underway on the renovation of the Post Hotel Löwe. The roofs have been redone, the façade is getting its original colour back, ceiling paintings are being uncovered, antique furniture is getting new covers and fresh springs. The Lion is awakening from its slumber. As early as June, the grande dame of the Sursett hotel industry will show herself in her old splendour.

We will report from Mulegns in the coming weeks with our newsletter. We want to tell about bold roofers, scaffolders and painters. We will give an insight into the façade research, the renovation of the windows, the renovation of the historic furniture, the design of new rooms, the exploration of vintage menu cards that will inspire the local gastronomy.


to the FILM: The Relocation of the White Villa by Maxim Derevianko

We look forward to you joining us,

Giovanni Netzer, Director