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Aleix Martinez was born in Barcelona, Spain. He started his training in Barcelona, and later moved to Marseille, France, to continue his education at the Studio Ballet Colette Armand. In 2008, he won the Prix de Lausanne, as well as the contemporary prize, and the Premio Positano Leonide Massine, and joined the Hamburg Ballet School, and later in 2010 , the Hamburg Ballet. The same year he received the prize "Amigos de Honor" commissioned by the "Casa de la Danza" . In 2012 the german magazine Tanz nominated Mr. Martinez as Promising Young Talent. In 2013 he received the Prize Dr. Wilhelm Oberdörffer-Preise. In January 2014, he got promoted as a soloist, with the Hamburg Ballet.

As a choreographer has created several works as “ Le surrealisme c’est moi” , "ORIGENS" or "kleines Requiem".