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I am Anand Dhanakoti, I was born in Bangalore, India. I am currently working as a freelance dancer, based in Hamburg. I graduated from CDSH-Contemporary Dance School Hamburg in June 2021. From 2006 to 2012 I stayed at the NGO «Born Free Art School», where I got educated in arts. From 2007 to 2017, I was trained in classical ballet and jazz with Yana Lewis, of the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet in Bengaluru. From 2009 to 2018, I was trained in Indian martial arts and yoga at Kalari Gurukulam. I have worked with various choreographers like Matej Kejzar, Abhilash Ningappa, Jonny Lloyd, Suse Tietjen and Ursina Tossi. I have also choreographed several pieces, including «Thuli», which was performed at the Bremen Theatre; «Immer», a solo that I performed at the Gdanski Festival Tanca in Poland; «Kntsugi», a duet in collaboration with Asha Ponikiewska, which we performed at the A FoCoCo III Festival in Bangalore, India, and Japan; and a piece for the Rangayana Theatre Group, which was shown at various festivals and dealt with farmers' suicide. I worked with Adam Linder as an assistant choreographer, did a two-month internship with Unusual Symptoms, the dance company of the Theater Bremen, and worked with David Zambrano for three months. I gave workshops and taught art and dance in NGOs, slums, indigenous Indian areas, Japan, Bangladesh, Germany and Belgium. I represented India four times at the Nonviolent Communication Conferences in Germany and at the Peace Conference in Japan. I have a BA degree in Economics, Political Science and Sociology from St. Joseph's College, Bangalore.


At Origen I danced in «My Land» by Alena Tarasova in the summer 2022 in Riom Castle.