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The work takes as a reference the 'Exodus' of our contemporary world, in which we witness mass migration as a result of war, poverty, politics and religious conflicts. This moving, but up beat piece focuses around four major topics:
Journey, Exchange, Meeting and Integration.
ARRIVAL communicate the struggle of people during their search for a save haven,
pursuit of happiness and opportunity to start a new life and in a new society.



Fr.  15. Juli   |   21.00 h   |   Introduction 19.30 h

So. 17. Juli   |   16.30 h   |   Introduction 15.00 h

Do. 21. Juli   |   21.00 h   |   Introduction 19.30 h

Sa. 23. Juli   |   21.00 h   |   Introduction 19.30 h

Fr.  29. Juli   |   21.00 h   |   Introduction 19.30 h



Burg | Riom (Einführung in der Clavadeira)



CHF 70.– | Studenten CHF 30.–

*Die Reduzierten Preise werden erst vor Ort an der Abendkasse gewährt.



23. Juli from Chur



Juanjo Arques, Choreograph and dramaturg

Arno Brys, dancer

Amber Pansters, dancer

Livia Petillo, dancer

Wolfgang Tietze, dancer

Yann Dorsaz, dancer

Barbara Langendijk & Natalie de Koning, Costume designer


Music: Black Zone Myth Chant, Kablam, The Haxan Cloak, The Notwist