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The newly built SQUARE by the Japanese star architect Sou Fujimoto becomes a stage. The cubic glass building of the University of St. Gallen, constructed as a grid, forms the backdrop for Origen's dance production «BA//CH». The work is a creation of the choreographer Ilia Jivoy and was premiered last summer in the Red Tower on the Julier Pass. The artist, who lives in exile in Georgia, and his ensemble come from the ranks of the world-famous Marijinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.


Origen brings a newly created dance evening to the stage as «artist in residence» of the intendant's programme. It is a work about hope, about confidence, about the power of art. Choreographer Ilia Jivoy does not paint the war that surrounds him. He does not mourn his own fate, which forced him to flee. His gaze reaches further. He questions the human being who seeks meaning. He sketches a labyrinth of human emotions. And he searches for confidence, puts hope on the map. He calls for new life that grows out of chaos.


We would be delighted if you would join us in this extraordinary place.



25* | 26 November 2022 | 8 pm

The introduction will take place at 7 pm.


* additional performance



SQUARE at the University of St. Gallen



Adults CHF 90.–

Students CHF 20.–



directly to the online reservation system



Ilya Jivoy, choreographer and dancer

Sonia Vartanian, costume designer

Ekateryna Chebykina, dancer

Mariam Eloshvili, dancer

Oscar Frame, dancer

Efe Burak, dancer