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The house of the Sisters of Menzingen was built in 1867 by Lurintg Maria Carisch. Carisch was born in 1821; the fourth child of a peasant family, he had no choice but to emigrate: In Paris he acquired reputation and wealth. At the age of 44 he returned to Riom a millionaire – with the ardent wish to build a house and spend the remainder of his days as a farmer. However, before he started the construction of stables and residence, he built a mill, a sawmill and a barn. This way, he was able to provide the resources necessary for the construction himself. Lurintg Carisch died in 1898; his offspring remained childless. In 1930, the entire compound was sold to the Sisters of Menzingen. The monastic community used the house as a holiday residence and preserved the whole property in its orignial character.