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THE PLACE. The estate of Monsieur Carisch in Riom has an eventful history. The stately villa of Lurintg Carisch tells of the fate of an emigrant family. Lurintg Carisch, a farmer's son from Riom, had to emigrate. His family could no longer support him. In Paris, he worked his way up in the restaurant business and ran famous restaurants. In his old age, Monsieur Laurent returned to Riom and built a small summer palace for himself and his Parisian wife on the edge of the village.


THE VILLAGE. Riom had burnt down in 1864. Lurintg Carisch helped the beleaguered farming village get back on its feet: he donated the schoolhouse on the village square, had a sawmill and a mill built and brought a breath of fresh air to the village. With wide houses and straight streets, the old village succeeded in finding its way into the future.


YOUR VISIT. In the Villa Carisch in Riom, our pâtissier Peter Stephan celebrates the gastronomic tradition of the Carisch family. The historic salons, where fresh pâtisserie, coffee and tea specialities are served, are reminiscent of the Carisch family's Parisian restaurants.


OPENING HOURS. Due to current measures to combat the corona virus the Café remains closed until further notice.