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Origen Festival Cultural expands its activites and plans a vivid cultural centre - in the heart of the alpine mountain village of Riom. The residence of "Monsieur Carisch" shall one day become the centre of the cultural institution Origen and unite exhibitions, rehearsal rooms, workshops and administration under its roof - if Origen succeeds in acquiring the necessary funds. The first step is made: Thanks to many small and a number of large donations the residence could be bought in late March 2011. In April 2014 the first construction work for the winter theatre started and in july 2015 Origen could inaugurate the so called Clavadeira.


With its engagement the Nova Fundaziun Origen aims to preserve a significant cultural landmark, thus giving to the region an open, professionally run house of encounters and bestowing on it lasting cultural and social impulses.


It is said that central Grisons is an area with little potential. We know better. Where three languages are spoken, there is never little potential. We put our hopes in culture and are delighted by your company and support. Grazia fitg!



Account for Donations:

Graubündner Kantonalbank, CH-7002 Chur

Postkonto der Bank: 70-216-5

Bankkonto der Nova Fundaziun Origen:

CH03 0077 4010 1019 3940 0 (IBAN)