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was born into a musical family and was raised with a piano. He initially studied architecture but gave it up after spending more and more time with musical-, choi- and band projects. He had his first vocal classes 1996 with marie-Luise Erlacher and began studying vocals at the Vienna University of Music in 2000. This was followed by two formative years in 2003-04 at the Royal College of Music in London with Prof. Dr. Neil Mckie, the postgraduate diploma with distinction, several opera projects and participation in numerous Austrian and English choirs and ensembles, as well as study visits in Paris and master classes with Prof. Kurt Widmer, Roger Vignoles, Sir Thomas Allen and KS Peter Schreier. In 2007 he graduated with Prof. Ralf Döring and Prof. David Lutz. He currently has classes with KS Wicus and teaches at the Vienna University of Music vocals. He sings, plays and conducts and likes to focus on contemporary music and lively classical songs.


Since 2017 he can be seen and heard regularly at the Origen Festival Cultural in music theatres and concerts.