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The emperor Charles lived more than 1200 years ago. Quite likely the most powerful sovereign of the middle ages, he died on 28 January 814 in the town of Aachen. His death was foreshadowed by dark omens according to his biographer Einhard. A sequence of eclipses, burning bridges and collapsing columns: the death of the emperor heralds the end of an era. The time after Charles will be peaceless. But the legend lives on – also in Grischun. Charlemagne is commemorated every year in the convent of Müstair. On the anniversary of his death, the Benedictine nuns of Müstair pray for their founder and keep his memory alive.


The Ensemble Vocal led by conductor Clau Scherrer sings the Compline, the monastic evening prayer, that tells of sleep and knows of death. It has been composed by another great one: Gion Antoni Derungs, Grischun's most influental composer, wrote a Compline at the end of his own life. Gion Antoni Derungs, who has written three operas especially for Origen, passed away in 2013.


Premiere 28 January, 7.30 pm | Introduction 6 pm | convent Müstair
Performance 29 January, 8 pm | Grossmünster Zurich
Performance 30 January, 8 pm | Convent Disentis


Entry fee CHF 35.


Space in the venues is limited. Please reserve your set in time.

by telephone: +41 (0)81 637 16 81