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The tsar invites to a ball in the winter palace and wrapes up the chandeliers in Siberian gold. The tsarina wears a necklace made of red blood rubies. Their daughters flirt with princes. The tsarevich drinks hot chocolate with honey and morphine substrate. Meanwhile revolutionaries conquer the palace and murder the guards. The council of war meets in the wine cellar and decides the tsar’s fall. The dance installation «The Last Ball» features all levels of the Julier tower and lets the viewer transform between hierarchies. Hard bread is served on the ground floor, chilled champagne on the roof terrace. «The Last Ball» is a timeless parable play about power and exploitation, revolution and revenge, tradition and decadence, art and war. Theatregoers are invited to dress up as ball visitors or revolutionaries – or simply watch the play as a neutral spectator. Dress code is as black as possible. – Eno Peçi creates the choreography for dancers of the “Wiener Staatsballett”.



Thu 5th of July | 8 pm

Fri 6th of July | 8 pm

Sat 7th of July | 8 pm



Normal ticket CHF 150.– | students CHF 40.–
Benefit ticket for the tower development

CHF 1‘000.–



All plays on the Julierpass are accessible only by PostAuto Graubünden extra shuttles. Here you find the timetable. 


Please make sure that you are available via mobile phone on the date of the booked performance. Due to the location of the Julier tower, short-term schedule changes or cancellations of the performance might happen. Please make sure to check fequently "Julier heute" on our website the status of the play. In case of a cancellation, we send out SMS to inform you.



Ticketing System



Eno Peçi (Choreographer)

Nikisha Fogo

Jakob Feyferlik

Fiona Mc Gee

Mila Schmidt

Andrey Teterin

Arne Vandervelde

Madison Young