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The Origen Festival Programme 2013


In 2013 Origen has dedicated itself to the DELUGE and is building Noah’s Ark on the impressive barrier lake of Marmorera – in a radically new, futuristic interpretation. Benjamin Hofer documents the performances and the melancholic life surrounding the barrier lake in an illustrated book.


In their performance, Vera Kappeler and Peter Conradin Zumthor comprise the Riom Castle and go on a musical journey with Noah. Dancers from Vienna and Amsterdam give a guest performance in the Castle. Finally, the Gregorian chants of LAUDES and COMPLET have become an essential tradition of the festival.


Origen shows the extension plans for its own barn in Riom along with Peter Zumthor’s concepts for the extension of the Riom Castle. The marvelous exhibition of costumes of former festivals and a visit in the lovely Café Madlaina complete the festival.

Laudes e Complet
Alp Filx
Sala modulabla
Ensemble Vocal