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The book on the Origen-year 2012


The year 2012 has been more diverse than any other year before it, no festival edition more experimental. From a feature film in April weather to the Commedia on the lakeside, from the cavern performance to Gregorian singing, from church opera to dance theatre. Never has playing with genres been more diverse, never has Origen's home been more tangible.


The mountain village Riom mutated in the summer of 2012 to a big open-air theatre, to a huge multiple stage on which participants acted, laughed, cried and danced. All this has to be portrayed - the seasons that pass the Sontga Crousch; the customs that define life in a village; the people, who live and work here; the artists and their temporary home. A book, that tells the tale about life on- and backstage, about a unique initiative in the bareness of the alps, about living worlds that couldn't be more different. Benjamin Hofer, who has worked for several years as a photographer for the Origen Festival, has captured wonderful pictures. The journalist Maya Höneisen contributed texts for this illustrated book.


The book is available at the Origen Festival Cultural in Riom and costs CHF 54.–. 


For shipping by mail, postage and packaging costs will be charged additionally:

A-Post: CHF 11.–

B-Post: CHF  9.–


Order your personal copy now at the Origen production office, phone +41 (0)81 637 16 81 or info(at)