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Emrecan Tanis is a Turkish choreographer and a dancer with the Finnish National Ballet. He has created several works for the Finnish National ballet and the Finnish National Ballet school as well as for the young choreographers platform of Stuttgart Ballet where his creations still remain in the repertoire. This year he has had two world premieres, «An incident of closeness» for Pori Dance Company and «Sand» for the Youth Company of the Finnish National Ballet. In 2017 Tanis won the second award and a video award at the Stuttgart choreographic competition with his solo «Separation Among Us». As a result of the competition the piece toured in Germany in fall 2017 and in Brazil in May 2018. Tanis was selected to participate in the Hannover Choreographic competition 2014 with his piece «Step closer», which was also performed at the opening Gala of Kuopio Dance Festival the same year. He was the recipient of the Talented Young Danceraward at Varna Ballet competition in 2007 and a finalist at Helsinki Ballet Competition in 2012.