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Was born in The Netherlands and is a dancer for Jan Fabre, Troubleyn.

Upon graduating from The Royal Conservatory  in The Hague, she danced with the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. Exchaging the classical ballet for contemporary dance, Fabienne joined Netherlands Dance Theatre II. Besides dancing the existing NDT repertoire, she was part of new creations with leading choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, Lightfoot/Leon, Marco Goecke,  Stijn Celis, and Alexander Ekman, among others. Fabienne was a guest at several gala performances and participated in various independent dance projects. Curious to extend her experience in acting, she was involved in new works by theatre directors Joshi Oida, Alize Zandwijk and Jan Fabre.

Aside from being a professional dancer, Fabienne completed her studies in Humanistics (University of Humanistics) and in Arts and Theatre (Ghent University). As a dramaturg she worked with choreographers Marne and Imre Van Opstal on Link, created last spring for Netherlands Dance Theatre II.