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«MOVING SOMMER 2020» | Installation


THE PLACE. Lurintg Carisch had his «Clavadeira» built in 1864 – even before he built the immediately adjacent villa. In Paris he had distinguished himself as a restaurant owner, in Riom he wanted to farm. He erected the largest barn in the valley, built a horse stable and housed small livestock in a smaller barn that was demolished many decades ago. Carisch maintained one of the largest farms in the valley. 


THE THEATRE. Carisch's generosity has given Origen a winter theatre. A few years ago, a theatre room was built into the spacious stable building, which can be used all year round, has excellent acoustics and plays with the softly falling light. The Clavadeira has won many awards, including the prestigious Wakker Prize of the Swiss Heritage Society. 


THE MOVING PICTURES. In the large barn of Monsieur Carisch in Riom, we talk about last summer. The Roman filmmaker Maxim Derevianko captured the worldpremieres of last summers dance performances on film and documented the relocation of the White Villa with wonderful footage.








Maxim Derevianko, himself the son of a famous Russian dancer, tells of the creative work of the choreographers, the patience and perseverance of the dancers, the boldness of the singers who perform Romanesque songs in travelling villas and recall the melancholy of the emigrants. The cinematic installation in the large barn of Monsieur Carisch can be visited independently and offers sufficient distance for visitors even in Corona times. 


OPENING HOURS. Due to the current measures to combat the Corona virus the exhibition remains closed until further notice.





Pale Sot 6 | 7463 Riom