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Jakob Feyferlik

Was born in Vienna in 1996.He had his education at the Conservatory Vienna and at the ballet school of the Wiener Staatsoper, where he took classes with Prof. Evelyn Téri, Prof. Karl Musil, Valentin Onoschko, Galina Skuratova, Alejandro Parente and Francisc Strnad. In 2013 he became a member of the Wiener Staatsballett, and was announced soloist in 2016.

His most important performances to date were: Jean de Brienne in Rudolf Nurejews «Raymonda», The man - Vaslaw Nijinskii in John Neumeiers «Pavilion d'Armide», Ludiwg XVI. in Patrick de Banas «Marie Antoinette», as well as parts in Rudolf Nurejews «Don Quixote», John Crankos «Romeo und Julia», George Balanchines «Symphony in C», Jerome Robbins' «The Four Seasons» (spring), Harald Landers «Études», Edward Liangs «Murmuration», John Neumeiers «Verklungene Feste» und «Josephs Legende», Thierry Malandains «Mozart à 2», Manuel Legris' «Donizetti Pas de deux»

In 2012 he won the second prize at the Premio Roma Danza and the third prize at the 4. International Balletcompetition in Bejing. In 2014 he was awarded the Karl Musil Prize and in 2016 the Prize of the Balletclub Wiener Staatsoper & Volksoper.