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Jonathan Emilian Heck is a freelance composer, violinist and actor. At the age of 6 he receives his first violin lessons, a little later trumpet and piano are added. During his time at the humanistically oriented boarding school Birklehof he played in various youth orchestras, chamber ensembles and jazz ensembles and finally discovered his interest in acting at the Theater Freiburg. Since 2016 he has been on stage as an actor in productions such as «The Abduction from the Seraglio» (Schlossoper Haldenstein), «Romeo and Juliet» and «What You Want» directed by Thomas Bading and «The Brothers Grimm» at the Boulevard Theatre Dresden. While his Violin Concerto will premiere in 2018, his ballet composition «Deus Ex Machina» (International Ballet Gala Dortmund 2019) for the State Ballet dancer Alexander Abdukarimov and his work for orchestra and choir «Totengesang» (2019) will follow in London. In addition to chamber music compositions, his violin concerto will be revived by dancers of the Neumeier Ballet 2020. Since 2019 he has been signed as a violinist with the Sony Klassik label and is a permanent member of the Fabia Mantwill Orchestra. Heck is currently working with the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg on the world premiere of the opera «PHILOMELA», which he wrote together with composer Julius von Maldeghem and librettist Benedikt Simonischek.