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Julien Guibourg was born in 2001 in Cagnes-sur-mer, France. They started dancing at 8 years old. At 15, they began their preprofessional training under the direction of Adeline Raynaud at l’Atelier Dans’emoi in Cannes. In 2019, they moved to Florence, Italy where they entered the professional training of contemporary and classical dance of opus ballet. After two years, they joined the Compagnia Opus Ballet (COB) as an apprentice and had the opportunity to work with choreographers such as Arianna Benedetti and Daniele Bianco. In 2022, Julien Guibourg attended the International Contemporary Dance program for 5 months where they studied with many renowned choreographers such as Tom Weinberger, Ella Rothschild, Doug Letheren, Spenser Theberge and Elias Lazaridis. During their time there, they performed in «Squeeze» by Michael Loehr during the Interplay Festival of Turin and «TEL» by Alex Wolf. For the 2022-2023 season, they will be joining NSP2 (Nagelhus Schia Productions) in Oslo, Norway.


At Origen they danced in «My Land» by Alena Tarasova in the summer 2022 in Riom Castle.