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Kevin Blaser was born in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1990. From an early age he showed great interest in movement and art. He excels in apparatus gymnastics, the skateboard becomes his faithful companion and takes him on trips around the world. He deepens his passion for music in percussion and drums, instruments which he plays in various bands.


In the theatre he discovers the possibility of expressing all his abilities in a unified way. In 2015 he successfully completes his Bachelor in Physical Theatre at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. In his work between theatre and film Kevin participates in important projects. He works with renowned artists of the Swiss art scene, including Mummenschanz, Volker Hesse, Niccolò Castelli. In 2018 he founds the Company Fluctus Teatro, with which he stages the plays Swing (2018) and L'incatenato (2019). As an actor, acrobat, percussionist and director, Kevin is active in various artistic projects