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Open-air Theatre in Winter

The snowy landspace of Engadin becomes the stage for the ancient legend of the «King in the Snow». Young Charles fights for his life surrounded by giant icy mountains. Shortly after his victory over the Langobards he becomes a victim of the force of nature. A blizzard stops the royal train in its tracks. Charles suffers from feverish dreams, his wife fears for his life. A golden, windy palace will be the home of this dream-play, with an open view upon the vast snowy valley.


The open-air musical theatre will be performed by Origen, Grischun's most idiosyncratic theatre institution. Origen has set standards with the 2010 production of Regina da Saba on the Julier Pass and now continues this artistic enterprise in the midst of the force of nature that is snow.

Trailer «The King in the Snow»:
A film by David Merkofer


Performances: 14 | 15 | 19 | 21 | 22 | 26 | 28 | 29 March | 5.30 pm

2 | 4 | 5 April | 6.30 pm

Prices: CHF 100.– | 80.–


We thank the commune of Silvaplana for the warm hospitality.