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The illustrated book «La Tor Cotschna» tells the story of Origens Theaterturm, which was built in the summer of 2017 in just a few weeks. The wooden homage to the Babylonian brother stands in the middle of a magnificent, rugged landscape and asserts permanence in a nature that is constantly changing. Great seasons pass by the tower, the weather divide on the ridge of the Alps brings dramatic changes of light, the twilight plays every evening with a new palette of colours. The photographer Christian Brandstaetter was inspired by nature and buildings. He spent whole weeks on the pass and captured big pictures. Now a large illustrated book is being produced, graphically designed by Gudrun Zacharias and commented on by the architecture critic Wojciech Czaja. 


The book is available at the Origen Festival Cultural in Riom and costs CHF 54.–. 


For shipping by mail, postage and packaging costs will be charged additionally:

A-Post: CHF 11.–

B-Post: CHF  9.–


Order your personal copy now from the Origen production office, phone +41 (0)81 637 16 81 or info(at)