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was already studying vocals at the age of 16 at the State Conservatory Vorarlberg. In 2005 he won an award at the «Prima la Musica» contest. In 2006 he started studying vocals (concert performance) at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, since 2011 he studies with Prof. Karlheinz Hanser. Song studies with KS Prof. Robertus Holl and Prof. Stephan Matthias Lademann. Private classes with KS Herwig Pecoraro and KS Alfred Sramek as well as master classes with Robert Holl, Kurt Widmer and Otto Schenk. He has years of choir experience with the Bregenzer Kornmarktchor, the Chor der Innsbrucker Festwochen, Chorus Sine Nomine and zhe Arnold Schöneberg Chor. Lothar Burtscher sings again and again at the Origen Festival Cultural for instance the Mozart Requiem at the main station Zurich.