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Born in England, Louise Flanagan graduated from the Royal Ballet School, London in 2006, and danced professionally at Vanemuine Theatre, Estonia until 2008. She attained a BA (Hons) first-class from Middlesex University and completed a professional dressmaking apprenticeship in Munich, Germany before working as a costume maker on many high profile films, musicals and operas in England. Working as a freelance costume designer for dance and opera since 2013 she has collaborated with, amongst others, the choreographers and directors Dustin Klein,Terence Kohler, Sam Brown, Yuki Mori, Andreas Heise, Peter Leung and Silas Stubbs for theatres including the Bavarian State Ballet, Ballett am Rhein Düsseldorf, Stanislavsky Ballet Moscow, Theater Regensburg, Vanemuine Theatre, Oper Graz, Theater St. Gallen and Origen Festival Cultural (e.g. «Psychomachia» in 2020).