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Magdalena Kraus received her first violin lessons at the age of five in her hometown Eferding/Upper Austria with Angelika Dallinger. In 2011 she changed to the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz within the framework of the «Academy for the Talented», where she continued her studies with Prof. Josef Sabaini. After graduating from high school in 2016, she began her bachelor's degree in Linz and then moved to the University of Music and Theatre Hamburg in 2017, where she has been studying with Prof. Tanja Becker-Bender ever since.


Magdalena successfully participated several times in the national youth music competition «prima la musica», both in the category violin solo and chamber music, and won the «Nibelungen Förderpreis» in 2016.

She is a scholarship holder of the Oscar Vera Ritter Foundation, the Instrument Foundation of the Strings Association Linz «Instruments for Talents» and since June 2020 the Franz Wirth Memorial Foundation.

Since October 2018 Magdalena and her violin-violoncello duo have been part of the association «Yehudi Menuhin - Live music now». Her soloistic and chamber music activities have taken her to the «Victoria International Arts Festival», Prague and Valencia, after Malte/Gozo. She received important musical impulses at master classes by Gidon Kremer, Shmuel Ashkenasi and Christian Altenburger, among others. In the summer of 2019 Magdalena was part of the Camerata Davos as an academician and has been a member of the Orchestra Academy of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra since March 2020.