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Was born on the 25th of December 1989 in Reus (Spain). At the age of 16 he started his professional dance formation; spending 3 years in Zaragoza with Maria de Avila, and then 2 more years with the Hamburg Ballet School. After that, he joined the Hamburg Ballett, where he became a soloist member in 2016. Marc received the Dr. Wilhelm Oberdörffer-Prize 2016, and the Erik Bruhn-Prize 2016 (a choreographic competition in Toronto, Canada). He also choreographed «Hide and Seek», «Dictionary Page Today», «Exsultet», «Metamorphosis» and «Remember»; some performed by the Bundesjugendballett.


At the Origen Festival he danced in the ballet «Magi» (2018) and «Time» (2023) by Yuka Oishi, the open-air theatre «Arsa da Riom» (2023) and the dance theatre «Venezia» (2023) by Giovanni Netzer.