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Mila Schmidt was born in Vienna and has been engaged by the Vienna State Ballet since 2010. She completed her training at the Ballet School of the Vienna State Opera. Her most important roles so far have been Andrey Kaydanovskiy's «Love Song» and «Dolce Vita» at the Odeon Theater and Andrey Kaydanovskiy's «The Ugly Duckling» and «Waste of Time» at the Volksoper Wien. She also danced leading roles in Vesna Orlik's «Carmina Burana» at the Volksoper Wien, in Boris Nebylas «Nachmi ag eines Fauns» and in Thierry Malandains «Cendrillon (Cinderella)», for which she was awarded the Sponsorship Prize of the Ballet Club of the Vienna State Opera and Volksoper in 2017. Mila has also performed several speaking roles, such as Ida in «The bat» by Johann Strauss and Louise Bigelow in «Carousel» by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein at the Volksoper Vienna.


Mila Schmidt has also appeared in «Homo Sapiens», «Der Letzte Ball», «Zeitraum» and «Artus» by Eno Peçi at the Origen Festival Cultural in Riom.