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THE PLACE. Jean Jegher's White Villa in Mulegns opens its doors and invites you to a temporary café. Pâtisserie and exquisite drinks are served in the elegant living rooms of the Bordolese cafétier. The house tells of the fate of Grisons' confectioners, who once travelled the world, selling their marzipan stollen and royal cakes from London to Palermo, from Paris to St. Petersburg.


THE RELOCATION. The White Villa was moved a few metres in August 2020. This made it possible to save the listed building. The traces of the displacement can be experienced in the cellars of the building. 


YOUR VISIT. The villa is full of surprises. Warm wood stoves feed the rooms. In the cool attic, gigantic confectioner's cakes can be admired. In the spacious cellars of the villa, the future is being tested: the ETH's Department of Digital Printing Technologies is showing the first samples for a contemporary installation that tells of digital confectionery. 


OPENING HOURS. Due to the current measures to combat the corona virus the Café remains closed until further notice.




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