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The reservoir in the annual cycle


Benjamin Hofer's illustrated book tells the tale of Marmorera, the vanished village, that once was in the valley between Sur and Bivio. This book is about the seasons that pass the dam as if it was a part of the nature that surrounds it. It shows the iner workings of the enormous earth wall, which is pervaded by tunnels and canals. The book tells of a theatre installation that is developed in the dam and vanishes again due to the fleeting nature of the theatre itself. What remains is just the memory. A melancholic picture volume about development and vanishing of man-made interventions, about the morbid beauty of an artistic building, and eventually about the unbridled power of nature, that withdraws everything, reshapes and revives.


The book is available at the Origen Festival Cultural in Riom and costs CHF 54.–. 


For shipping by mail, postage and packaging costs will be charged additionally:

A-Post: CHF 11.–

B-Post: CHF  9.–


Order your personal copy now at the Origen production office, phone: +41 (0)81 637 16 81 or info(at)