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The White Villa has travelled

The house of the emigrant and confectioner Jean Jegher from Mulegns went on a journey last August to make way for urgent road correction. The relocation was successful: The wonderful cellar vaults have arrived intact, as has the old oven.

The Lion needs help

The wonderful Post Hotel Löwe has passed a great summer. Many guests visited the exhibition «Treasury Lion» and dined in the freshly refurbished restaurant. Now the honourable house has closed its doors again. The reason is pleasing: Origen is starting to renovate the historic ballroom building. The tract built by Nikolaus Hartmann will receive a new roof and new facades. If you give us a little help, we can already start a gentle exterior renovation of the old building in spring (to funding options). Thanks a million!





Cancellation of the winter concerts

Surely you have already heard about it: Origen has to cancel the concerts planned for November and December. In Switzerland, the maximum number of spectators has been limited to 50 people. Choir concerts are completely prohibited. There is no leeway.


We have to interrupt the beautiful tradition of the great choir concerts that have marked our winters for this year. We have worked hard until the very end to make sure that the performances will go well, we have examined new venues, we have designed alternative scenarios. In Chur's Stadthalle we had found a new location which allowed maximum safety precautions. Now this option has also become obsolete. Our wonderfully persistent team has tirelessly researched, interpreted and implemented entry options for the artists and quarantine regulations. We have created a whole range of protection concepts, formed secure teams, and thought through failure scenarios. 


For us the winter concerts are more than just pleasant events. In the cold season, they tell of hope, give comfort, bring families together, bring joy. All this is irreplaceable and would be of the utmost importance especially in the pandemic season. So it is all the sadder that they are cancelled. It has become quiet around the Red Tower with its wonderful acoustics. 


We are facing uncertain times. We are familiar with crisis, but we have not yet experienced such dimensions. We remain hopeful. 


With heartfelt thanks for your understanding and goodwill,

Giovanni Netzer, Director