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Musical theatre on the barrier lake

Rather than Captain Noah steering a small wooden boat containing peaceful animals, a nuclear blast-proof spaceship should rescue humanity from the collaborating climate. On board: Nobel Prize winners, electricity barons, sport stars, dictators and monarchs, all of them privileged stars in a society which has lost belief in surviving. The democratic appearance is being kept up by randomly drawn tickets to the ship. Meanwhile the police onboard secures peace. – May the journey begin. The dance theatre NOAH reflects its performing location: In the 1950s the village of Marmorera had to give way to the construction of the barrier lake.


The performances take place in a covered construction, up above the crest of the Marmorera dam. The play is directed by Giovanni Netzer, composed by Lorenz Dangel and Ursula Degen designs the lighting. Nature takes part in the play; therefore warm clothes are indispensable to protect you from strong winds.


Performances are on: July 12. | 13. | 19. | 20. | 24. | 26. | 27.| 31. and on August 2. | 3. | 7. | 9. | 10. at 8 p.m. Prices are: CHF 100.– | 85.– | 70.– (including transportation).


We would like to thank the ewz for its kind hospitality.