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Summer belongs to «malancuneia», the Grisons notorious homesickness. The fervently performed seeking for the homeland appears in countless poems and songs. However, «Malancuneia» is more than a romantic sensitivity for sad days in foreign countries. Summer plays with the different dimensions of «malancuneia». The immigrant family Carisch brings us to a new play in the barn and a history book. We present folk songs and tell stories about home seeking, choreographers from all over the world tell travel stories in children’s worlds and poor countries. The childhood hero «Tredeschin» is going to emigrate to the court of France’s King and then travel through Helvetia. We build an observation tower on the Julier that opens nostalgic vedutas from Paris up to St. Petersburg. We explore the homeland potential of the mountain village Riom and have thoughts about future residences. The Cantoris sing for the very last homeland, the Georgian heaven, the prototype of all yearning places.


Summer program 2016