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Rachel McNamee was born in Vancouver, Canada, training at Arts Umbrella’s professional dance program under the direction of Artemis Gordon. Upon graduating in 2014, she joined Nederlands Dans Theater I as a guest artist in their productions of Mats Ek’s Sleeping Beauty and Medhi Waterski’s Chamber. She went on to join Nederlands Dans Theater II as a full company member from 2015 to 2018. Rachel began dancing with GöteborgsOperan Danskompani in 2018, where she continues to work today. Rachel has had the pleasure of being part of original creations with Johan Inger, Imre & Marne Van Opstal, Bryan Arias, Jiří Pokorný, Marina Mascarell, Hofesh Shechter, Guy Weizman & Roni Haver, and Jo Strømgren, amongst other works. This is her first production with Klever Dance. 


For the Origen Festival he danced in Kristian Lever's piece «Connecting Doors» (2020).