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Origen is committed to the threatened village of Mulegns. The first step is to buy the valuable properties and save them from decay.



In addition to the main building and the so-called new building with the Art Nouveau hall, the Post Hotel Löwe also has a small power station, horse stables, a post office and a fully preserved smithy. The valuable building substance is threatened by structural damage. The roofs are leaking and is threatening the ceiling paintings and the historical wallpaper. Urgent safety measures are therefore being taken to prevent further damage to the buildings.



In order to preserve the White Villa in its entirety, she was moved by a few meters in August 2020. The notoriously dangerous passage between the White Villa and the Rothaus was removed when the historic house was moved. What had become a burden for the entire village for over forty years disappeared overnight. The small miracle was made possible thanks to the great collaboration between the Grisons Civil Engineering Office, the municipality of Surses, the Jegher families and the Nova Fundaziun Origen. The Roman filmmaker Maxim Derevianko has documented the relocation of the White Villa with wonderful film footage and recounts the courage and perseverance of all those involved. He reports on the boldness of the singers who performed Romanesque songs in the moving villa. And he refers to the story of the Grisons confectioners who had to leave their homeland as economic refugees and lamented their homesickness from afar.


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