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Born in Fairfax County in Virginia in 1991, Sasha grew up in Italy. In 2008 he moved to Hamburg to study at the ballet school of Hamburg with John Neumeier. He subsequently in August 2011 became a member of the Hamburg Ballet. During his years with the Hamburg Ballet, John Neumeier created for him different solo roles and Sasha had as well opportunities to perform important roles from the repertoire of the company. After five seasons in Hamburg, Sasha decided to leave the company and since August 2016 he's a member of the Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneva where he has the chance to work and perform ballets from different choreographers. In 2012 Sasha Riva was awarded the title of «Promising Young Talent 2012» by the German «Tanz» magazine and in March 2017 he got the International Award of Merit from the artistic director Mauro de Candia during the Gala Tersicore in Italy.



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