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The richly illustrated publication chronicles 12 years Origen. Origen has grown out of its infancy and remained an experiment. Train stations have been used as stages on christmas, for coronation purposes, canticles of the sun have been sung at sunrise, nocturn at midnight, nostalgia for tea. Famous institutions ended up in the fallow land, Garnier sent the Étoiles, Vienna sent the philarmonic new year's dancers, to create something new for the stage that means the mountain world.


Andreas Doepfner, former journalist for the NZZ, wrote this book to attend to the childhood years of Origen. Probably the most familiar person with Origen, he interpreted the great decade and indulged in reminiscences: of tenors and dancers, of regulars and dam constructions, of interns, artistic directors and fabric manufacturers. Scattered in-between are many marvellous, previously unpublished, ictures of our in-house photographers.


The book is available at the Origen Festival Cultural in Riom and costs CHF 54.–. 


For shipping by mail, postage and packaging costs will be charged additionally:

A-Post: CHF 11.–

B-Post: CHF  9.–


Order your personal copy now at the Origen production office, phone: +41 (0)81 637 16 81 or info(at)