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The textile studio has moved into the old community centre and the old school at the village square and is successfully testing future models. In the former classroom, local sheep's wool is processed into pillows and duvets with the finest handicraft. The textile studio is an attempt to establish high quality handicrafts in the vicinity of the festival - and thus to create new jobs, social platforms and revitalize the village. 


The studio also works for the stage: the wonderful costumes, designed by Martin Leuthold, are maintained, hoarded and prepared here for the future exhibition. The textile requirements for the magnificent buildings of Mulegns are also created here. A look into the old classrooms behind the red façade is always worthwhile! 


In addition to duvets and pillows, the special collection of foulards and pochettes «SAVE MULEGNS» can also be purchased in the studio.




Mon - Fri | 13.30 - 16.30 hrs