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was born in Castres (France) on the 2nd of July in 1990. After 2 years in the Hamburg Ballet School he joined the company as member of the corps de ballet in 2009. He created «Die drei Weisen» in «Christmas Oratorium» by John Neumeier in 2013 and dances some of his repertoire like «Allan Gray» in «A streetcar named desire», «Jaschu» in «Death in Venice», «Flaut/Thisbe» in «A midsummer night’s dream», «A Sailor» in «Liliom», «Casten» in «Préludes CV», solo in «Matthäus­Passion» or‚ Third Sinfonie von Gustav Mahler. He danced as well «Man in Blue» in «Dances at a Gathering» from Jerome Robbins. He danced in summer 2014 in the production «Hamburg» of the Origen Festival Cultural.