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The White Villa has travelled

The house of the emigrant and confectioner Jean Jegher from Mulegns went on a journey last August to make way for urgent road correction. The relocation was successful: The wonderful cellar vaults have arrived intact, as has the old oven.

The Lion needs help

The wonderful Post Hotel Löwe has passed a great summer. Many guests visited the exhibition «Treasury Lion» and dined in the freshly refurbished restaurant. Now the honourable house has closed its doors again. The reason is pleasing: Origen is starting to renovate the historic ballroom building. The tract built by Nikolaus Hartmann will receive a new roof and new facades. If you give us a little help, we can already start a gentle exterior renovation of the old building in spring (to funding options). Thanks a million!





Full of consolation and hope

Actually, Johannes Brahms' «Ein deutsches Requiem» in the famous London version for choir and piano for four hands should have been performed in the Julierturm last March. Now we are making a courageous second attempt by performing the work at the beginning of November in the Stadthalle Chur, which due to its size allows maximum distances for the performance of a choir and a safe placement of the audience.


Here you can find more details about the performances. Here you can access our online reservation system directly.


We are looking forward to seeing you!


Giovanni Netzer, Director


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