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I was born and raised in Amsterdam, a city that breathes culture and history. It made it possible for me to get in contact with the arts at a very young age (even though it took me some time to learn to appreciate it). But it mostly started with the video of CATS the musical that I used to play at my grandma’s over and over. It made it clear that I loved dance so my parents put me in a small musical theatre school and so my career began. It was really only in 2013 when I saw NDT perform for the first time that I realized that I wanted a proper dance career, so I set a goal: to get into NDT. A few years and a lot of sweat later I made it into my dream company. Now, as time has flown by, it’s almost the end of my career at NDT. My relationship to dance has changed completely over the last couple of years and I’m excited how this will influence my future career. But for now I’m looking forward to this upcoming project and to get to work with Juliano again such a kind soul.