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Since the age of 5 Torry Trautmann has regularly attended classical ballet classes with Ursula Luginbühl and later with Irina Cannabona. Early on he discovered other dance directions such as HipHop and Contemporary Dance. For over ten years he performed with the dance group Frysis of the Stellwerk dance school of Regina Vedana. Besides his passion for dancing, he completed a bank apprenticeship with a vocational baccalaureate and studied business administration in a part-time model at the HTW Chur for two years. This winter he will complete his Bachelor's degree in Physical Theatre at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio. He supports the production office in various ways; at the moment he is mainly involved in the project «Save Mulegns». Torry Trautmann was seen at Origen in the productions «Charles» and «The Czar in Paris».