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Valentin Parli (bass) is an orthodontist in Solothurn. He made his first singing experiences with the Solothurn Boys Choir. He had singing lessons at the music school in Basel with Stefan Kramp and at the conservatory in Feldkirch (A) with Ralf Ernst. He attended master classes with Kurt Widmer. As a soloist he likes to perform in Mozart's masses and as a choir singer he participated in various ensembles such as the Festevada, Cantus Quo, Capella Stella, Stimmig, Ensemble Orlando Fribourg, Collegium Vocale zu Franziskanern Luzern and the Cantus Firmes Kammerchor in Solothurn. Valentin Parli is a choir singer of the J.S. Bach Foundation in St. Gallen, which records all Bach cantatas under the direction of Rudolf Lutz.