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At the centre of the programme is a new musical theatre about a great female figure: Irene, Empress of Byzantium. Origen's stage play from the hand of Giovanni Netzer searches for the person behind the myth, questions the systems of power and tells the story of a remarkable woman in the upheaval of times.

The winter programme is complemented with recitals and a concert series in the Clavadeira in Riom. Maximilian Vogler, Marian Dijkhuizen and Alena Sojer - following the idea of the «Carte Blanche» – give chamber music evenings that bear their individual signature and tell of musical fascination.

And if the virus permits, Brahms' «Ein Deutsches Requiem» will finally reach the stage of the Red Tower at the beginning of April. The performance of the work has already been postponed twice - the third time we hope for better luck.

For further details just click on the title of the respective production. You can also see an overview of the programme here.


«Empress Irene»


«Carte Blanche»
«A German Requiem»

Please note the compulsory use of masks in the post bus to the performances on the Julier Pass. In view of the short distances in the theatre and out of consideration for the well-being of all concerned, we ask our guests to continue wearing a mask in our venues.

We look forward to your visit!