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Yuka was born 1984 in Osaka, Japan. After she graduated from the school of the Hamburg Ballet, she joined the Hamburg Ballet as an apprentice in 2002. Since 2003 she has been part of the ensemble of the Hamburg Ballet, and dancing as a soloist since 2010. In 2012 she choreographed «Renku» together with Orkan Dann for the Hamburg Ballet, for which she received the Rolf-Mares-Prize for «outstanding creation of the year». In 2013 she got invited as a guest choreographer at Takarazuka Revue Theater in Japan and choreographed for a Musical. Yuka Oishi created different dance parts for the Origen Festival Cultural, «See» and «Rainy Chord» in 2014 and the performance «Joseph» in 2015. From there on, she works as a freelance dancer and choreographer. Furthermore, she choreographed «Little» in 2016, «Seven» in 2017, «Magi» as well as «Sacré and Paradox» in 2018.