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The winter programme is complemented by song evenings and concert series in the Clavadeira in Riom. Maximilian Vogler, Marian Dijkhuizen and Alena Sojer give - following the idea of the «Carte Blanche» – chamber music evenings that bear their individual signature and tell of musical fascination. The evenings will be accompanied by a discussion with the artists. 


Maximilian Vogler will perform Schubert's song cycle «Die schöne Müllerin» together with the pianist Thomas Wypior. Alena Sojer and cellist Joachim Müller-Crépon will perform the chamber music evening «Le grand Tango» with works by Piazzolla, Stravinsky, Webern and Janáček. Marian Dijkhuizen and pianist Alena Sojer will perform the song recital «Zeitenwende», based on compositions by Elgar, Brahms, Britten, Sibelius, Mahler and Zemlinsky



«Le grand Tango» | Alena Sojer (Piano) and Joachim Müller-Crépon (Cello)

4 | 13 February 2022 | 19.30 hrs


«Zeitenwende» | Marian Dijkhuizen (Vocal) and Alena Sojer (Piano)

12 | 23 Februar 2022 | 19.30 hrs


«Die schöne Müllerin» | Maximilian Vogler (Vocal) and Thomas Wypior (Piano)

15 | 22 February 2022 | 19.30 hrs



Clavadeira | Riom



Normal CHF 70.–

Students CHF 30.–



directly to the online ticketing system



In private, coming from Basel or Zurich, drive via Chur, Thusis and Tiefencastel in the direction of Savognin. In Cunter, just before Savognin, turn right and you will arrive in Riom. Public parking is available at the entrance to the village of Riom or at the old schoolhouse. By public transport, get off at the Riom, vischnanca stop.