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Was born in Melbourne, Australia. Working as a freelancer since 2006 Bonnie has performed and toured extensively in «Glow» for Chunky Move, in several works for Frances D'Ath and in the «VIANNE» series for Shelley Lasica. Bonnie joined Origen Festival for «Coronation Anthems» and «Belschazzar» in 2012, and then again for «Noah», «König im Schnee», «Deux Femmes» and «Herodes» in the following years. Other projects include the «L'Amour de Loin» by Daniela Kurz , «VIANNE AGAIN» by Shelley Lasica, «Parsifal» directed by Romeo Castellucci and most recently «Bedford Suit» by Riikka Läser. Bonnie currently lives in Naples, Italy.