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A White Tower is to be built in the pass village of Mulegns, a completely digitally printed building that tells of literary celestial journeys, of the homesickness of Grisons emigrants and, not least, of the bold taste of the Mulegns sugar barons. The building offers space for art installations, radio play tours and theater performances. The White Tower demonstrates the impressive wealth of forms of digital fabrication and sets new standards in the sustainable use of concrete. It is also intended to tell the rich cultural history of the site, promote gentle, substantial tourism, bring valuable digital know-how to the mountain canton and save a dying village. The White Tower is to remain standing for five years.


The Swiss President Guy Parmelin presented the «White Tower» to the public in Mulegns on June 22. The President of the Government of Grisons Mario Cavigelli, the President of the Municipality of Surses Leo Thomann, the Vice-President of ETH Detlef Günther, the material researcher Robert Flatt and the architects Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer outlined the project with exciting contributions.


The White Tower is to be printed in winter 2023/24 and erected in Mulegns in summer 2024. The prerequisite is a completed financing.


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