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Hervé Moreau was trained in the Paris Opera school. He joined the company in 1995 and became ‘Dancer Etoile’ in 2006. Since he has performed all the main roles of the classical repertoire and has established a solid reputation with the greatest choreographers of the moment such as John Neumeier, Sasha Waltz and Benjamin Millepied who all created some ballets for him. He is also regularly invited to perform in some international Galas around the world and has been invited as “Guest Artist” with some famous international dance companies. Hervé Moreau was awarded with the ‘AROP Prize’ in Paris and with the international ‘Benois Dance Prize’ in Mocow in 2007. The French Minister of Culture named him ‘Chevalier in Order of Arts and Letters’ in 2014.

As the featured dancer of LUZ DE LUNA, he will perform all the danced part of the Concert.


Photo © Hidemi Seto